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Benefits for youWe believe that a carefully constructed portfolio, managed by competent professionals and re-balanced on a timely basis is the best and most efficient way to achieve your investment goals.

5 key advantages

  1. Flexible investment approach — Unlike some money managers and many mutual funds that focus on narrow market categories that may move in and out of favour, we can adjust our investment strategy depending on our forward-looking market views, as well as your personal objectives.
  2. Global investing expertise — We seek to maximize opportunity and manage risk by investing globally. Many Canadian investors tend to focus solely on Canadian stocks. However, the Canadian makes up only about 3% of the world stock market. We invest globally to take advantage of worldwide opportunities many miss.
  3. Competitive, transparent fees — Unlike with many brokers, our incentive is not to “churn” your account since we don’t earn any commissions on trades. We simply charge a fee based on assets under management, which aligns our incentives with our clients’ best interests.
  4. Direct, proactive customer service — With us, you’re not simply another account number. You’ll hear from us regularly, and not because we have some new product to sell. Our goal is to help you understand exactly what is going on in your account and why, so you feel comfortable with your portfolio.
  5. Established performance history — Our model portfolios have a history of performance and automatic rebalancing for optimal risk adjusted results.