Saving is only half the battle

October 31, 2017

“Mike, I’ve finally opened a TFSA and have been making regular contributions, but the interest is terrible and it’s not growing. Do you have any suggestions?” Annie in Victoria


I like savers. They’re disciplined, and they consistently put money away to ensure that they have the cash when they need it. That’s no easy task in an era of rampant consumerism and inflated house prices. Saving is awesome, but it’s not investing. Saving, by definition, is putting money aside for some future need, but it’s not the same thing as making that money work for you.


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Are you a business owner looking to retire?

Not sure where to start?

October 3, 2017

How about with some wine and cheese?

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Planning the Perfect Exit

and how to transition your business

August 21, 2017

Most business owners have focused so much of their time, effort, and energy into getting their business going, growing, and profitable, that they forget about what happens when it’s time to step away. An often overlooked part of wealth management is succession planning for business owners, and it’s an issue that can greatly affect the amount you gain in the sale of your company.

Our very own Tricia McIvor from Business and Family Advisory services wrote a great overview (RIGHT HERE) on what you should consider for that inevitable day when you need to transition your business to another.


Tricia will be in Victoria to do a presentation on “Planning the Perfect Exit” on October 26th in our boardroom.  The best part – Jordan is hosting, and insisted on a wine and cheese platter for after the presentation, where you can meet Tricia and direct any questions to her personally.