Michael Watkins, CFP®, FCSI, FMA, CSWP

Senior Wealth Advisor

Michael Watkins

How long have you been in the industry? Since 1997. I started off by working my way up through the bank system, before becoming a Financial Advisor with another firm in 2003. I moved over to ScotiaMcLeod in 2013 to create more of a team approach to meeting my client’s needs.

So what made you interested in wealth management? It was a happy accident really. I grew up thinking I was going to be an Air Force pilot, but that never really got off the ground. After studying law and criminology in University, I found that the daily reality of being a Crown Prosecutor was very different from my image of law and justice. So I took a job in banking on my way to teach English in Japan, and fell in love with money management.  Years later, I enjoy it even more.

Family? I met my wife Julie around the same time I started as a banker, and we’ve been together ever since. Our three kids are mostly grown now. Jordan joined the Watkins Wheeler Group in 2015 as an Administrative Associate, and is working towards becoming an Investment Associate. Alexandra (Alex) is polishing off her CPA, and is currently in government. And Jenna is entering her third year at Brentwood College with an eye to becoming a teacher. We have a new dog named Gryphon, who is, in my humble opinion, the cutest puppy ever.

What else do you like to do? I like to write. I wrote a book a few years back, and I continue to write a column for the Time Colonist. As you’d expect, I also love to read, but more towards the action/spy genre as opposed to financial books. I try to stay in shape with running and the gym, though recently I’ve taken up kickboxing! Julie and I like to walk and play tennis when we can.

What would you say is your business philosophy? It’s always easier to do the right thing.