Jordan Dawes

Administrative Associate

Jordan Dawes

So Is Wealth Management the family business? I certainly didn’t expect to be doing what Mike does. But, much like him, I found myself drawn to the industry and I really enjoy the work. After graduation I had plans of becoming a mechanical engineer. However the program wasn’t what I expected and so I followed my passion for business. Investments and financial planning were my favourite courses, and the whole thing just grew from there. After completing a Bachelors’ of Business Administration from Camosun College, I started working for Coast Capital Savings before joining the Watkins Wheeler Group.

What do you do outside of work? I absolutely love horse racing. My dream is to own a racehorse one day, and in fact, I currently have a small ownership interest in a few horses in Vancouver (albeit, similar to owning a few shares of the Bank of Nova Scotia). I played competitive hockey growing up, and still enjoy playing in a men’s league during the winter. Summer time gives me the opportunity to get outside with golf, fishing, and surfing. I don’t run, as I do a lot of that at the office…

What are your plans? I’m lucky enough to have two great Advisors as mentors to learn from. As an associate, I get to really understand the intricacies of wealth management, while paving my career towards becoming an Advisor myself. In the short-term, I’m leasing out my condo in Bear Mountain to experience the downtown lifestyle and be closer to work.

What do you think you bring to your clients? I do my best to smooth out the client experience and provide the utmost in efficiency. There’s no hesitation when it comes to a clients’ needs.